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Laughter truly is the best medicine and there are plenty of amusing videos online to bring a smile and lift your spirits. From adorable animals and hilarious fails to cartoons and memes – there is sure to be something that piques your interest!

Vidmate allows you to download multiple funny videos with different quality settings – perfect if your data plan is limited, or you want a video for offline viewing!

1. YouTube

YouTube is the perfect site for anyone who enjoys cute babies, adorable animals, hilarious fail videos or memes to make them laugh all day long. There are tons of hilarious videos here that will have them smiling all day long; plus you can share these hilarious clips with family and friends to spread some joy and make everyone’s day brighter.

Use a video downloader to quickly save funny videos to your device for later watching, at no cost and using minimal storage space. Downloadable from the link provided, it is compatible with all major browsers.

AVD provides another convenient method of downloading videos from various websites, including YouTube. Its simple user interface and high-resolution video options make AVD an attractive solution with wide compatibility for files of various formats.

2. TubeMate

The site offers an assortment of entertaining videos designed to make you laugh, which you can watch anytime from any device – or download for offline viewing later. Best of all, its app is completely free and updated regularly!

To use the application, log onto YouTube and locate a video you would like to download before clicking “Download”; the process takes place automatically so you can continue surfing or tweeting as usual while it downloads in the background.

TubeMate is a well-recognized video-downloading application, known for its ease of use and impressive download speeds. With an intuitive user interface and customizable settings, its popularity among users worldwide is evident. Additional unique features of this tool include its built-in media player and customizable options.

3. Videoder

Google-owned YouTube is cracking down on services that let people download its videos, yet India-based Videoder has seen its popularity skyrocket in recent months. Its intuitive user interface makes content delivery seamless even if your network connection fluctuates.

When searching the web for videos, copy and paste their link into Videoder’s software to connect to its host website and instantly display a download option. Furthermore, Videoder also serves as a web browser complete with its own ad blocker for added protection.

All downloaded files will be conveniently stored in your media library for easy playback at any time. The app comes preconfigured to search across many popular websites like TikTok and Instagram; furthermore, it allows you to reduce file sizes while continuing downloading even if your network connection drops out.

4. AVD

Funny Videos for Vidmate APP is a free program with thousands of hilarious video clips sure to make you chuckle, photos and other forms of content that will amuse and entertain. Plus it is intuitively designed so running this program should not be an issue!

This site features various kinds of humorous videos designed to relieve bad moods. With talks, animations and shows featuring comical dialogue between people or animals that will liven up any dull day! All videos here are released under a CC0 license so there won’t be any copyright issues or copyleft claims when watching them; in addition, text, pictures and GIFs may be posted freely here as well. Also frequently updated so there’s always something fresh for you to watch! The content may sometimes be a little offensive.

5. VidMate

This site provides hilarious videos to make you laugh and lift your spirits, so all it takes to enjoy them is downloading this app and installing it – plus no ads will pop up that might irritate you!

User-friendly and space-efficient, it takes up a minimal footprint on your device. Supported file formats include HD formats. Furthermore, its versatile UI lets you easily select the video quality that best matches your internet bandwidth availability.

This tool supports native dark themes and offers an effortless method for downloading YouTube videos. Furthermore, it supports hundreds of video hosting websites and is regularly upgraded with new features.

6. Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a website established in 2007. Their first video release featured Will Ferrell’s comedy called “The Landlord”, quickly becoming a favorite with audiences due to its diverse topics and ownership by Henry R. Muoz III.

This site boasts a vast library of videos available for downloading. Its search function makes it simple to locate what you’re searching for and a clean user-friendly interface.

Content produced by this company varies, from mockumentaries to awkward conversations hosted by Zach Galifianakis on his talk show-slash-awkward confrontation show, with revenue streams including long-form production and digital distribution as well as offering its own premium shows on streaming platforms.

7. 9GAG

As a free program for Android devices, 9GAG offers a host of humorous videos to keep you and your friends laughing all day long. With categories spanning everything from sexy, nerdy and political topics to fast tabs that feature user-uploaded pictures voted on by other members, 9GAG provides plenty of entertaining material that will have everyone laughing their heads off all day long!

This meme site enforces several restrictions and rules to abide by the ethical standards of an open website that welcomes multiple contributors, with exceptions being racist, sexist and pedophile content that remains on the site until receiving enough downvotes or reports is removed. Homophobic posts also frequently appear. Homophobic posts can also be found here making this platform an incubator of alt-right extremism.

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